Brian Creager

Brian Creager is the founder and owner of The Product Hatchery.

After a 23 year corporate career, Brian created The Product Hatchery to help entrepreneurs and small to medium sized manufacturers with their product positioning, packaging, and to expand into the lucrative micro-brand market.

In his corporate career, Brian created two 7 figure businesses in Europe (one in the United Kingdom, the other in Belgium) from his home base in Atlanta, GA.

Since becoming a full time entrepreneur, Brian has created his own 7 figure micro-brand business selling mens hair care products online via Amazon and other channels.

His skills to conceptualize, implement and boost marketing strategies will fast track your goals and dramatically boost your bottom line.

His specialized knowledge in design, manufacturing, sales and marketing, and global distribution strategies is the perfect combination to launch your business into the US, Europe, or online.

His decades of experience in the plumbing, heating, ventilating, refrigeration and air conditioning markets make him the 'go-to' guy for any construction based business looking to expand.

Brian will provide you with everything you need. From creative marketing solutions and strategic expansion advice right through to help developing a top quality product to position you as the leader in your industry.

Brian is passionate about creating new ventures from the ground up. A venture that will increase your sales, drive your marketing goals and ultimately boost your bottom line.

By leveraging Brian's decades of experience, you will develop and expand your market reach capacity on a global scale. And at a pace that will leave your competitors in your dust.

So if you're considering expanding your company with micro-brands, or into the USA and European markets, then Brian and his team should be your first call.

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