Teach and Grow Rich by Danny Iny

Teach and Grow Rich by Danny Iny

Brian Creager was living a double life; corporate executive by day, and packaged goods manufacturer by... well, earlier in the day.

For more than a year, Brian got up at 3am to start working on his side hustle before heading off to his day job. That side hustle was selling premium shampoo under his boutique label krieger + söhne. His strategy was to sell to barbers in local markets, and it wasn't going nearly as well as he had initially planned.

Then, in a chance conversation ...

Private Label Podcast - Brian Creager Built a Million Dollar Company While Keeping His Corporate Day Job

Brian Creager built his private label empire while juggling family commitments and a corporate day job that kept him super busy. Find out how he did it. Brian is also one of my partners in ZonSquad — learn about the Squad, and Brian’s new venture to help private label entrepreneurs improve their images in this episode.